Under Review

“Protesting during the Covid: When the abstention cost overweighs infection risk” (R&R)

“A SIR-model for misinformation-spread,” with Batuhan Tongarlak (Bogazici University) (R&R)

“Surviving the pandemic,” with Sina Sajjadi, Mehrzad Shadmangohar, Pourya Toranj, Ulya Bayram, Mavi Peru

Refereed journal articles

“Tweeting through a Public Health Crisis: Communication strategy of right-wing populist leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic,” with Suzan Uskudarli & Berk Esen, Government and Opposition (2022), 1–22 doi:10.1017/gov.2022.34

Tolerable levels of disagreement: Collective action capacity & shape of coalitions”, (2021) Social Networks. 68. 15-30.

Braun, B., Taraktas, B., Beckage, B. and Molofsky, J. (2020) “Phase transitions and social distancing control measures for small world network epidemics with presymptomatic, asymptomatic, and symptomatic stages”, (2020), PLOS ONE 15(9): e0238412, pone.0238412.

”Studying alliance formation using case studies and network analysis, (2019) ” SAGE Research Methods Cases, doi:10.4135/9781526486639.

The Irish Bailout: When resolve breaks down,” (2012) Contemporary European Studies, 2, pp. 83-113.

A Comparative Approach to Euroscepticism,” (2008) Journal of Contemporary European Studies, Nov., 16: 2, pp. 249-266.

Book chapters

Incorporating computational social science in political science,” (2022) In Advances in Human and Social Aspects of Technology, ed. Enes Abanoz. IGI Global, 2344. https://services.igi-

Over, Defne, and Basak Taraktas ”When Does Repression Trigger Mass Protest? The 2013 Gezi Protests,” (2016) in Julie M. Mazzei (ed.) Non-State Violent Actors and Social Movement Organizations (Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change, Volume 41) Emerald Publishing Limited, pp.205 – 239. (awarded Sidney Tarrow Best Article Prize).

Book reviews

“Checking presidential power: executive decrees and the legislative process in new democracies,” by Valeria Palanza, Democratization. Jul. 2020 DOI:10.1080/13510347.2020.1787990., https: //

Work in progress

“Lost in translation? Mismatches between media coverage of the BLM and demands of activists”, with Suzan Uskudarli (Bogazici University), Haluk Bingol (Bogazici University), Cihan Duran (Bogazici University)

“Some of us can’t breathe: How Twitter responded to the murder of George Floyd” with Cihan Duran (Bogazici University) & Rabia Kutlu (Bogazici University)